Trademark & Business Litigation

Ms. Slaughter represents clients with Intellectual Property disputes and various civil business matters. Ms. Slaughter has successfully litigated federal and state claims of Trademark Infringement, false advertising, false designation of origin, unfair competition, Trademark Dilution, breach of contract and intentional and negligent interference with Economic and Business Relationships. Trademark laws generally prevent competitors from infringing on the goodwill of your trademarks‚ trade secrets‚ and business. Contrary to what most believe, due to common law rights you need not “own” a trademark registration for trademark infringement to exist. The most important inquiry in a trademark infringement matter is whether an ordinary consumer is likely to be confused between the trademarks. If the trademarks are confusingly similar‚ the prior user should request that the subsequent user cease use of the trademark. This commonly occurs in the form of a cease and desist letter. If the subsequent user refuses‚ trademark litigation may ensue.

If you have questions related to trademark disputes, or have any business related concerns, please contact Ms. Slaughter for a consultation to discuss various options.